Co-Head, Strategy

As a preschooler in Brooklyn, Grossman imagined his future as an architect. A year later a dramatic experience on the walk to school opened his eyes to other possibilities for his lifelong passion for combining audacious creativity with rigorous planning. It also triggered a yearslong fantasy of masterminding the great American bank heist.

Future plans eventually took a pragmatic turn away from bank robbery. He earned a B.A. in English from the University of Virginia and embarked on a career in the arts. Too creative.

The quest to scratch his analytical itch and earn a living wage soon led to a series of roles spanning market research, media sales, product innovation and business development at a well-funded, start-up. Not creative enough.

It was at this point that a chance encounter with a fried chicken focus group transcript changed everything. A conversation about the transcript’s simple, exciting connection to the brand’s creative marketing campaign became the catalyst for his shift to brand strategy. Since then he’s spent nearly two decades at Mullen, SS+K and Merkley helping causes, candidates, start-ups and major global brands use data and culture to see new possibilities to create change.

Grossman lives in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two sons.